What other information can you get about elements from the periodic table

What other information can you get about elements from the periodic table

1 atomic radius (1) except the first cycle, the atomic radius of other periodic elements (except inert gas elements) decreases with the increase of atomic number; (2) The atomic radius of the elements of the same family increases with the increase of the number of electron layers from top to bottom. 2 the valence of the elements (1) in addition to the first cycle, the same cycle from left to

What is the structure of elemental silicon similar to? What is its position in the periodic table? Between what and what? What material is good?

The structure of silicon is similar to that of diamond;
Silicon is the fourth main group in the third cycle of the periodic table;
Between the junction of metal and non-metal;
It is a good semiconductor material

What group is silicon in the periodic table RT

LVA family (fourth main family)

What is the position of silicon in the periodic table?

The fourth main family of the third cycle

Ask a chemical calculation question (specific steps) A lime plant analyzed 60g quicklime samples (containing silica and undissolved calcium carbonate impurities): (1) put the samples into a large beaker with a mass of 80g, add 365g hydrochloric acid with a mass fraction of 20% drop by drop and heat slightly, and the reaction was just completed; (2) After the reaction solution is cooled, 502.8g is weighed together with the beaker. Calculate the grams of calcium carbonate and quicklime in the sample 5g calcium carbonate, 53.2g quicklime

Total mass before reaction M1 = 60g + 80g + 365g = 505g total mass after reaction M2 = 502.8g ‰ m (CO2) = m1-m2 = 2.2g CaCO3 -- CO2 100g -- 44g m (CaCO3) -- 2.2g ‰ m (CaCO3) = 5g and m (HCl) = 365g × 20%=73gCaCO3——2HCl100g——73g5g——m2(HCl...

Chemical calculation questions (specific steps) At present, 20g of 10% hydrochloric acid just prepared is completely reacted with a sufficient amount of zinc particles, and the hydrogen under the standard condition is 0.45l. Please select the data and judge whether some hydrogen chloride volatilizes in the concentrated hydrochloric acid stored in the laboratory through calculation. (under the standard condition, the density of hydrogen is 0.09g * l minus the first power. The relative molecular weight of hydrochloric acid is 36.5, the density is 1.19g * cm minus the third power, and the mass fraction is 37%)

0.45L H2 =0.45*0.09=0.0405g=0.04g
20G 10% HCl is equivalent to pure HCl 20 * 10% = 2G
2HCl + Zn = ZnCl2 + H2 (gas arrow)
73 2
x g 0.04g
73*0.04=2x x=1.46g